I specialize in the development of exceptional websites for my esteemed clients. However, in the contemporary business landscape, the mere presence of a website is insufficient. At Brandon Builds Websites LLC, my commitment extends beyond website creation; I aspire to serve as a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution for branding and digital marketing. My objective is to propel your business or project to new heights through strategic and integrated services.


Look Professional & Consistent

My custom logo design services meticulously tailor distinctive visual identities that encapsulate a brand’s essence, values, and uniqueness, fostering immediate recognition and brand recall. A professionally crafted and consistent brand image not only establishes credibility but also cultivates trust and loyalty among consumers, playing a pivotal role in shaping a business’s lasting impression in the market.

My social media account branding, setup, and integration services ensure a cohesive and visually compelling presence across various platforms, creating a seamless extension of a brand’s identity beyond the custom website. Establishing a robust social media presence is imperative in today’s digital landscape, offering businesses a dynamic platform to engage with their audience, amplify brand messaging, and drive additional traffic to their custom website.

My web store provides on-demand design services, offering a comprehensive range of creative solutions such as logo creation, custom video production, and even blog content creation tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals. With a seamless online platform, customers can easily access professional design services to enhance their brand identity and promotional materials.


Clean. Responzive. Unique

During initial client meetings, I conduct in-depth consultations to gain a profound understanding of their business objectives, target audience, and unique requirements. Subsequently, I leverage this insight to meticulously craft a website design strategy that aligns with their goals, ensuring a tailored and effective digital presence.

Utilizing the comprehensive insights gathered during client consultations, I embark on the website creation process, employing cutting-edge design principles and advanced development techniques. I meticulously transform the discussed plans into a visually stunning and functionally exceptional website, ensuring a unique and impactful online presence that precisely aligns with the client’s business objectives.

Following the successful launch of the website, I seamlessly transition into an on-going maintenance phase, proactively addressing any issues, updating content, and ensuring optimal performance. Simultaneously, my robust hosting infrastructure ensures reliable and secure hosting, providing a seamless digital experience for visitors while allowing the client to focus on their core business activities.


You Got The Website. Now Let’s Get the Traffic!

Utilizing a proactive approach, I can incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) considerations into the website’s architecture and content during the initial development phase. This strategic integration of keywords, coupled with on-going optimization efforts, ensures that the website is not only visually appealing but is also inherently designed to attract and maintain high organic search rankings, effectively driving targeted traffic.

Leveraging advanced AI technology in conjunction with tools like Google Analytics, I meticulously analyze website visitor behaviors, search terms, and SEO metrics to dynamically track and detect optimal keywords. This data-driven approach not only informs continuous content refinement but also empowers my clients with monthly SEO & Analytics reports, providing valuable insights to better plan their digital marketing ad campaigns and ensure sustained visibility and relevance in their target market.

A strategically optimized SEO framework enhances a website’s relevance to search engines, aligning it closely with user search queries and algorithms, consequently elevating its organic search rankings on platforms like Google. As the website climbs the search results, it significantly increases visibility, driving a substantial surge in organic traffic from users actively seeking products or services related to the business.


Banner Ads. But Better

Utilizing SEO reports, tracked keywords, and website analytics, I can craft highly targeted digital and social media ad campaigns across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures increased click rates and better conversions, delivering optimal results and impact across diverse online channels.

Following the development of the ad campaign, I can can create visually compelling banner ad art and/or dynamic video ads, ensuring alignment with the campaign’s messaging and design principles. This meticulous process aims to captivate the audience, drive engagement, and maximize the effectiveness of the advertising initiative across diverse platforms.

After creating and fine-tuning the ad campaigns, I can execute a seamless launch across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Continual tracking of results allows me to make real-time optimization adjustments, maximizing the campaign’s efficiency and impact by ensuring it resonates effectively with the target audience and achieves the desired outcomes.


Stay Relevant & Keep Your Customers Engaged

Integrating a blog into your website and consistently publishing relevant posts not only enhances visitor engagement by providing valuable content but also contributes to improved search engine rankings through fresh, keyword-rich content. My custom blogging services, powered by AI, ensure that your content is not only compelling but also strategically optimized to boost both audience interaction and search visibility, fostering a comprehensive and impactful online presence.

Video content is highly effective in capturing audience attention due to its dynamic and engaging nature, conveying information more efficiently than text or static visuals. My custom video creation services, encompassing explainer videos, product reviews, promotions, and more, are specifically crafted to excel on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook Reels. This tailored approach ensures optimal engagement and resonance with the diverse audiences present on these dynamic video-sharing platforms.

My Custom Social Media Banner Ad Creation service offers two distinct static designs, unlimited revisions, and platform-optimized creative posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more, ensuring your brand stands out with visually striking and engaging banners tailored to your unique identity. Elevate your online presence with our fast and efficient turnaround, capturing attention and driving engagement across various social media platforms.